Traditional Matchmaking
First, you'll meet with one of our directors for a confidential interview in a relaxed and comfortable setting with no obligation to you. We get to know you, your likes and dislikes, what has worked for you in the past and what hasn't and what you're looking for in a potential match. Our discerning directors then take what they have learned and look for a connection among our other members. If we have the type of people you are looking to meet, we get started immediately. A match is made.

We then set up an initial introduction where you'll meet for lunch, brunch, or a cocktail after work. All meetings are discreet, low pressure, and on a first-name basis only. We make all the arrangements including coordinating a day, time, and place. We even make the reservations!

To help ensure a successful match and our client's complete satisfaction, we encourage our members to give us their comments and reactions after each introduction. Our directors use your input to match you more accurately in future introductions, if necessary. Consider us your "Dating Headhunter!"

Dating Workshops
Join Emily Fry and a host of guests as you learn how to Have and Become the Best Date Ever! Hear real-life feedback from actual dates so you can learn what works, what doesn't, and what you are likely doing to sabatoge your dates. These workshops are a fun and interactive way to help you become a Great Date!

"I liked the presentation; it was structured but easy to ask questions and was a comfortable environment. This was a great workshop!"
"This workshop is awesome - the tips are great!"
"Good info - it was refreshing to hear the feedback from others and how that reinforces the various tips."
"It opened my eyes to some of my bad behaviors."

Supper Club
Join single IGC members and non-members in this quarterly upscale Supper Club. Join us and our rotating restaurants for fine wine, fine dining, and fine conversation.
Serious inquiries only. Limited seating.

Online Dating Profile
Let our experts handle the often tedious task of writing your online profile. One of our directors will conduct an hour and a half interview with you to determine your likes, dislikes, and get to the core of you are. We then take what we've learned and put it into a well-written, attention-getting profile that highlights your best attributes, leaving you with plenty of time to explore those matches that will surely be flooding your inbox!

Analyzation of Online Matches
Need help deciding who (and who not) to meet? Dating Expert Emily Fry will analyze your potential matches, and narrow down the best ones for you to explore. She will alert you to potential deal-breakers as well as pointing out the finer details you need to look for, ensuring that you enjoy your online experience!

Support Groups
Find comraderie and connectedness as we explore the ins and outs of dating and relationships. Open to members and non-members alike, this group meets once weekly in 6-week time periods. Participants are on a first-name-only basis, and privacy and extreme discretion is required by all attendees. Each 1.5 hour group session will help you gain insight into behavior that may inhibit you and your full potential in relationships. Open to gay and lesbian participants only. Moderated by Emily Fry.
$175 for 6-week session

Speaking Engagements
Need a presenter for your group, club, council, or event? Emily Fry, President of In Good Company, Inc is available for speaking engagements on a number of different dating topics, including, but not limited to: Traditional Matchmaking In A Modern World, A Matchmaker's Guide To Online Dating, and How To Have And Be The Best Date Ever.
Prices vary and include transportation, call for specific quote.

"What a terrific opening presentation for our Women in Transition Series!
With great energy and humor, In Good Company president Emily Fry arms
singles with a proactive, goal-oriented strategy for getting the love life
they want. She entertained our audience with clearly presented, useful
how-to information on selecting the right dating service for you, crafting
an attractive and intentional profile, and making it through the first date.
I'd definitely book her as a featured speaker again!" -- Cara Tuttle Bell,
Director of Programs for the Women's Center at Northwestern University

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