"I want to thank you for introducing me to G________. I have really been having a great time getting to know her. I know it's been a challenge working on my behalf! After a decade of searching, I had just about come to the conclusion I was a lost cause. Thanks for your help and kudos on a job well done."

--Deborah, 60, Engineer

"Your organization helped me gain the courage to truly date. It also provided me the opportunities to learn things about myself and more importantly, what I was looking for in a partner. In Good Company truly changed my life. You were always so supportive and encouraging. Thank you for helping me become the man that I am today."

--Jim, 57, Consultant

"I can't overstate how important you and IGC were. Without the experience of dating other professional guys with you, I'm not sure that I would have ever known how to carry out a first date... how to ask a guy out again...etc. Your support, both professionally and personally, made such an impact on me and led me to where I am. And you know my religious beliefs --- it was all meant to happen when it was supposed to happen and where it was supposed to happen. Even though I didn't know I wouldn't meet the one through IGC, I always walked into every date thinking that the next one might be the one. Although I met him on my own outside of IGC, I one hundred per cent believe that you and IGC were a huge cog in the process to where I am now. A simple email from me doesn't do my appreciation to you justice --- but all I can say is again, thank you."

--Cliff, 35, Sales

"When I signed up with Emily at In Good Company, I wasn't sure about exactly what I was looking for. I have a very rich life full of activities and friends, but thought: someone special could be the proverbial "icing on the cake". I'd looked through some on-line dating sites and saw women I already knew who used 15 year old pictures and descriptions that were going to be very disappointing once someone met them. I could only assume that the women I didn't know might be doing the same thing.

Emily told me up front that while she could find people with whom I would share interests; there was no way to guarantee "chemistry". Through In Good Company I met some very nice women: smart, funny, and successful with whom I had things in common. Quite frankly, I think you can meet people with whom you share basic interests in a variety of ways . . .but here is where instinct and experience come into play. You don't get this online by computer, it takes a personal touch!

I had taken my name off the list for awhile. Again, I'd met lovely women, but none that truly moved me beyond friendship. Emily called out of the blue and said: "I know that you wanted to leave it alone for awhile, but I have a woman you HAVE to meet. Even if you don't have sparks, I guarantee that you will want her in your life". I resisted, but Emily insisted. It was a feeling she had about both of us that didn't involve activities or even life experiences. I think that by getting to know us personally, Emily saw a set of common values and a way of looking at life that we had in common. A computer dating site CANNOT do that. I'm glad I took the chance and trusted Emily because I've found the frosting for my cake. I've also come to feel that no matter what happens in the future, I don't have to "settle" for less. I think that the personal touch, the instincts of someone with experience and who is intuitive is the only way to go if you are sincere about finding someone truly special. Life is too short to leave it to chance. Thanks, Emily!"

--R.A., 62, Business Owner

"I just had to write you and let you know what a profound impact you (personally) and IGC made on my life. Emily, you made me a better man, you really did, and you turned me into a pretty damn great boyfriend. I learned how to compromise on things I would have been stubborn about before the IGC experience...even things that are silly like what restaurants to eat in. For my entire adult life, I realized that I had always picked the restaurant in just about every setting because my personality is strong and that just sort of happens. With your IGC setup, you picked the places and set the times and there was something about you doing that...I don't know...it sort of broke my cycle and made me more able to go with the flow and accept variation.
I really think your dating workshop, that interview with you, and the dates you sent me on really matured me and made me a much better date...and a better boyfriend. I think IGC was the very best investment I have made in my adult life.
No, I didn't end up with a boyfriend from any of the dates you sent me on...but I always had a nice time and I learned a lot about myself. I ended up meeting a guy not through you, who was someone I realized would be a good match because of conversations I had with you. I am really proud of this relationship because your advice and counseling kept me from making the majority of the bad mistakes I've made in the past. I am really grateful for you Emily. I think the universe sent me to you for a reason, and you were supposed to teach me these things I needed to learn. I appreciate the gifts you and IGC gave me. I am profoundly fortunate to have had this experience.

If you are a fan of old TV like I am, you'll get what I mean when I say you are kind of my "Mr. Rourke" on Fantasy Island...where people flew in each week for a reason, with many of them not even knowing why they needed to come to the island. But, the need was there, and Mr. Rourke pointed them in the right direction...even if at the end of the episode it was nowhere the viewing audience at home could have imagined.

I am sure this is not the sort of feedback and testimonial you could ever use for your ads or website, but it's an honest take on the IGC experience from someone who didn't find a match through you, but who truly recognizes and appreciates your role in getting me to a whole new level of dating.
Thank you for having such a profound impact on my life."

--Kevin, 34, Writer

"Hi Emily,
Certainly, everything is beyond my expectations; and, to date, although it has only been a week the match-up was spot on and the connection on every level appears to an amazing fit. Thanks for everything. I think you matched me up perfectly."

--Jeffrey, 50, Writer

"Kerry says hello and she and I are doing great! Best thing that has ever happened to me!"

--Marina, 47, Regional Manager

"Thanks for the recent match with M_______. I enjoyed meeting him and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of men I am meeting through IGC in this late 30's - early 40's age group. It is beginning to feel that my personal/intimate life is finally catching up to my professional achievements. Thank you!"

--David, Physician, 34

"I want to thank you for introducing me to M_______. I've been seeing her and I really think that something very good is happening, and I am absolutely delighted! I'm very, very picky and to meet somebody right up front - I think I have a lot to thank you for."

--C., Psychologist, 50

"After joining IGC, Mr. Right was truly just around the corner! After a few short (and very fun) months of meeting awesome and almost right-for me guys, there he was...and so was "the" perfect New Year's Eve and a dozen long stems on Valentine's Day! IGC narrowed a few years of searching down to months! I certainly would never have found this caliber of guy in the bars. The party scene and the networking I've done take too much effort! Let IGC bring them to you!"

-- Brian, Marketing Director, 45

 "Thank you!! For a great visit and introduction to IGC. I really felt like you listened. No matter how this turns out in terms of dating for me (I know it's a tricky science), I feel like you have developed a great service for our community and you should be commended. I was very impressed with how professional you were and attentive to details."

-- Gerald, Physician, 38


"There's one thing you're not telling people: This makes dating fun again!"

-- Matthew, Teacher, 34

"It happened! I am currently in a happy relationship with J----, the FIRST introduction you set up for me! I therefore would like to request that I have my membership put on hold for a while. I wouldn't have met her if it weren't for you. So I want to thank you and IGC again for that. I am definitely a happy customer!"

-- KC, Financial Analyst, 30

Dear Emily,

Bob and I want to thank you and your staff for offering an outstanding service. Without your help, we would have never met. Your's is a huge responsibility... potentially controlling the destiny of individuals and enriching their lives when love blossoms. Thank you for leveling the playing field giving each of us the opportunity to meet wonderful, quality individuals before we were ultimately introduced.

You should be very proud of what you've been accomplishing. Carry-on, and keep trying to bring more happiness into this world!

Frank & Bob

"I must be honest, you do a much better job of picking out men for me than I do."

--Chad, Teacher, 40


"Like many of us out there, I grew restless with the usual dating methods and their many disheartening results. Through IGC, I met a number of interesting, level-headed, ambitious and attractive gentlemen--among them one who became a good friend, and another who's brought me lots of joy for almost six months. All in all, a delight surprise (and a great excuse to try new restaurants)."

-- J-L, College Professor, 29


"Donna was my 6th introduction - the five before were very nice women, but just not the one. I was ready to call it quits, (and I was making Emily crazy) but then I met Donna. On our first date, exactly one year ago on Feb. 26, I began to realize that our ideals and expectations were amazingly well suited. We continued to talk, but because of geographical distances did not see each other again for two weeks. The rest is history. Donna is the most amazing woman I have ever known and I would never have met her had it not been through IGC. I know Donna is the one and I could not be happier."

-- Becky, Nurse Anesthetist, 54


"I went to IGC to find a match, because I was tired of trying to date on-line, going to bars and having friends fix me up. I interviewed with IGC and explained what type of woman I was interested in dating. Becky and I were introduced a year ago and will celebrate our 1st anniversary in February. We have common interests, values and goals and I would have never found her without IGC. Thanks Emily, you were a great matchmaker!! "

-- Donna, Retired School Teacher, 57


"Thanks to all at In Good Company. I was excited when I saw your ad in Windy City Times because I had recently been burned by an on-line service and was longing for the personal touch. That is exactly what I got at IGC. I am having a wonderful time meeting the women with whom I have been matched. Thanks!"

-- Bonnie, Marketing Manager, 51


"I just want to thank you for the meeting you arranged for me...If this is the type of person you have in your database, I'm thrilled. It's obvious I never would have met a man of his quality on my own, or through other on-line services. We had a nice dinner together and exchanged phone numbers before we left. Thanks!"

-- Ed, Financial Advisor, 55


"I think it's a great alternative to meeting online or in bars or even through your friends, it's your very own personal matchmaker."

-- Mark, Healthcare Manager, 28


"I'm so glad I joined IGC, I can't tell you how much fun it's been so far."

-- Dexter, IT Manager, 30


"IGC screens out what you are looking for. They have saved me a lot of time and energy and I have met some great people so far!"

-- Tony, Accountant, 35


"I want to say how happy I have been with In Good Company...everything has exceeded my expectations. I must say I could not be happier."

-- Bill, Educator, 55


"You did a good job matching me in terms of compatibility, we had a great time with many things in common. Thanks."

-- Tim, Accountant, 24


"Thanks so much for all you guys did. The restaurant was GREAT and they made it very easy to connect with no problems at all. Dan was a great guy - very nice and we had a fun conversation. I could see us becoming friends. All in all a very good experience. Thanks."

-- Mike, Executive Management, 42


"First, I want to tell you that Catch 35 was a great choice. The bar is way cool and the food is delicious. We had a good time and did exchange phone numbers. We had a lot in common and had various interesting conversations. I would still like to meet other people, but for the first match, I think you did a great job of picking someone."

-- Mary, Teacher, 38


"In Good Company is exceptional because all of their members participate in the same , extensive one-on-one interview process. It saves me time and it's reassuring to know that they've personally met with everyone I'm introduced to."

-- Dan, Architect / Business Owner, 49


"You guys are amazing and are doing a fantastic job! My first two introductions have so far been with quality people, and it's been effortless for me to meet both of them!"

-- Amit, Finance Director, 45


"Thanks IGC for introducing me to the light of my life on the first try!!"

-- Christina, Consultant, 24

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